Scott Speaks Korean!

I am three days away from taking my Korean speaking assessment test, so I made a video to show what I’ve learned over the last 8 months. Because Korean is considered a “super-hard” language, it takes 38 weeks to get to a level in Korean that a native English speaker might achieve in Spanish or French in just 4 to 5 months. So it can be frustrating to still not be able to say simple things (because in Korean, sometimes those things just aren’t simple). I’m excited to get to Korea and test my Korean at some greasy BBQ restaurants!

3 responses to “Scott Speaks Korean!

  1. hey scott~

    i have lived in korea for the past 10 years, and imo, youre not doing too bad for a few months of studying. korean is really hard.

    i might suggest just one thing. you seem to be relaxing your mouth too much, causing the words to sound a bit slurred. formal and proper korean sounds quite “딱딱딱” (if you know what i mean), wherein each character can be distinctly heard.

    also, im planning on taking the fsot in about two weeks. i came across your blog when searching for how to study. hopefully, your tips will prove useful.

    and perhaps because i live in korea, the DOS careers app doesnt let me locate local diplomats. if you pass the assessment test and come to town, 언제 저랑 한 잔 해요 제가 쏠게요^^


  2. I’m wondering if you have passed the Korean proficiency test. Given several months of studying, you are highly fluent in the Korean language. I’m really impressed. My hats off to you. As a Korean guy who was born, raised, and educated in Korea, I would safely say how much effort you have put into your Korean.


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