Minnie Mouse

We had a successful Halloween this year. It was so fun this year because Allie can say “trick or treat!” and she got excited about wearing her minnie dress.

I don’t think you’ll find a cuter Minnie anywhere!


I recently started in a new position at work which includes planning the parties and social events for the embassy. It was fun, busy, and a lot of work to plan and put on a halloween party for all of our friends and colleagues! Luckily, I was able to take Allie around to trick or treat but besides that I was busy working at the party.


I sent a picture of Allie in her costume out to a bunch of family and a while later Allie’s uncle sent this back:


so cute!!! Allie was so thrilled to see herself hanging out at the Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I say “who’s that?” she says “Mickey”. “Who’s that?” “Daisy”. “Who’s that?” “Allie with Minnie nose!” haha! She was so excited to have a minnie nose.

Time to start planning for her next halloween!!

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